The awesome guys at Epicbeyond Studios have recently posted a brand new trailer for their amazing JRPG-style MMO Kingdom of Loot.

The developer’s creation is available on Square Enix Collection as and you can help them by voting. We have decided to try the available demo of the game and in all honesty, Kingdom of Loot is a truly fantastic action RPG with some nostalgic visuals, great class choices and addictive gameplay.


If you would like to check the game out, head over to the Square Enix Collective page and vote for them. The aforementioned Demo can be downloaded here and it is definitely worth a try.

se_ani_cleric_3x“Inspired by the classic 16-bit ARPGs of last decades, KINGDOM·OF·LOOT is a brand-new, completely unique game. It’s an ode to the classic 2D action-arcade games such as Secret of Mana or The Legend of Zelda, that became a fundamental part of gaming history and captivated players for many years.”


We are extremely excited about Kingdom of Loot’s development and will most likely end up backing the game, which we advise you to do as well. Fans of the traditional JRPGs of the 80s and 90s will surely love this beautiful creation and it truly resembles how awesome mechanics, powerful storylines and old genres can still overcome the nowadays commonly used photorealistic graphics that often lack interesting background stories. Here is the new trailer from Epicbeyond Studios.


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