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Visual Novel Dawn Drop Arrives On Kickstarter

The Visual Novel genre is one of the very curious things that live in the video game world. Because while it is a video game, it’s not one in the traditional sense, as it focuses on story far more than it does gameplay. In fact, in most cases, the only “gameplay” there is in Visual Novels are the dialogue choices or certain actions you take to advance the plot. And yet, the genre is actually very popular, and Kickstarter has been a great place for these stories to be told. Another is hoping to be told in the form of Dawn Drop.

One of the most interesting things right off the bat about the game is the team behind it; a brand new studio called Sun-Riviera, and with Dawn Drop they want to create a “visual novel with a strong focus on story with depth and unique likable characters.” At first glance, it appears they’re doing just that.

Dawn Drop

In the game, you take the role of Dmitri, a young man who has just entered the college life. While doing his college thing, he’s going to encounter six very different women (one of which you can see above), and he’ll get the chance to interact with them, see what they’re like, and then, hopefully, help them in their lives.

Each of the girls has an odd quirk or flaw, and their backstories all have some hidden parts that you will learn about the more you talk with them. If you’re kind, and smart, and patient, you’ll help them through the troubles they’re going through, and bring to them a new “dawn” in life. There are multiple endings for this game, and not all of them are good, so your choices do matter.

Dawn Drop will be on Kickstarter until October 14th. If you think this would be a cool story to partake in, consider pledging.


Written by GlyphMasterson

I am a writer, reader, dreamer, and believer that games and cartoons and comics aren’t a bad way to live. I am passionate about what I love, but do respect the opinions of others when they conflict with my own.

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  1. Great voice acting. However I am not a fan of the art style. I find the characters oddly proportioned, eg big bodies and real tiny hands is one.
    Their expressions are a little dull looking too.

  2. There’s something about the characters that is putting me off. The hands are somewhat very tiny compared to the entire character. Upon closer inspection the overall proportion is pretty imbalanced. Great job for the voice acting though.

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