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Visual Novel Chemically Bonded Arrives On Kickstarter

Conflict and strife can come from the most simple of places. Including two former friends who now can’t stand to look at each other. But, often the bonds between those friends are still there, and all they need is someone to help mend them to reveal the truth that they still care. This is going to be your job in the visual novel game Chemically Bonded, an indie title that is currently on Kickstarter right now and will have you being someone who can help them, and more.

You play as yourself, in a way, and soon find yourself caught in the worlds of two different girls, Naomi Sato and Kiyoko Ishikawa. Two very different girls, but ones with a past that isn’t what it appears at first glance. So, what’s a person to do? Well, you’re going to talk with these girls, and find out what their pasts are, and how they connect to each other, plus, along the way, you’ll get to make your own friends, your own choices, and see what the future holds based on your choices.

For those who aren’t familiar with graphic novels, the point of them is to tell a deep story while giving you choices to make that affect said story. So the “gameplay” itself is limited to the choices you make. But, the visual novels like Chemically Bonded make up for it by giving you compelling paths to take. For instance, here you can choose which side of the story you want to focus on more as you go through high school with these girls. And you can try to mend what happened to these two, or don’t, and see where it takes you.

If the game makes certain goals in its funding, it’ll grow even more, like by getting full voice acting, an epilogue chapter, and more. Chemically Bonded has until October 6th to get funded, so if this kind of story excites you, consider pledging to it.

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