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Vindictus Getting Major Update On August 30th

When it comes to updates, they have all types, and styles, and importance. Some are about making the game better by fixing bugs and adjusting difficulties. Sometimes, there are massive updates that can change the game in an instant. And sometimes, you get an update that is focused on one thing, or more specifically, one character. This character gets a massive boost in some way, and the devs can’t help but smile when they think about all the damage this character is going to do with this update. That is what is going on with Vindictus right now.

You see, on August 30th, they’ll be unleashing the Teide Update. What this does, is it gives one of their best characters, Hurk, the chance to go even more brutal with a set of new weapons that’ll unleash pain on his foes in a brand new way. You see, in Vindictus, Hurk wields an 8-foot longsword, and he’s effective with it for sure. But now, with the Teide Update, he’s getting the Teide Weapon Style, where he’ll now wield a smaller longsword and a shotgun.

A strange combination? Maybe, but in the hands of Hurk, it is a combo most potent. In fact, it’s quite the set, one that has unique abilities all their own. Hurk’s new longsword will dissect enemies with a series of strikes, and if they’re still alive, the shotgun will quickly end that problem. So go in close for the kill, and you’ll find just how effective the duo are.

A small word of warning, as the shotgun is a firearm, it does require ammo, but, there are numerous ways to reload it, so you honestly shouldn’t have much problem.

This update is going to change the way you play as Hurk in Vindictus, and something tells us that’s ok.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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