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Viking Rage is Now Available on Steam

Viking Rage is an indie VR tower-defense game that’s being developed by N-Gon Entertainment and published by Headup Games. Viking Rage just became available on Steam and because of this, the game is currently at a small discount.In this game, players get to raise their horn and equip their favorite

In this game, players get to raise their horn and equip their favorite axe or bow in order to fight against all types of creatures such as trolls and kobolds in order to protect your village. The game is meant for HTC Vive users that enjoy tower-defense games that let you beat up monsters while also having a story with twists. No fast clicking will be necessary because of the aid from your controllers. You will use those controllers to fight with weapons such as axes, crossbows, arrows, bombs, and more. Traps are another thing you can use in your defense. Placing these in the right position can be crucial for the enemies, so be sure to surprise your foes with them. Tactical gameplay and the right timing will be the two elements that will allow you to progress throughout the game’s levels.

Viking Rage

Currently, the game is not far away from the full version. In a recent update, they mentioned that the game is almost finished, which means that the full version might be coming soon. The update added a bunch of new things such as explosives, hints, weapons and levels. They also adjusted the sound of headphones as well as buffed the boss that now has his music among other changes.

Players also get a small discount for the first week of the release. If you purchase Viking Rage before the fifth of May, you get to keep 10% of your money, so be sure to purchase it before that offer expires. For more info about the game, go ahead and visit it over at the Steam Store.

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