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Venom And Spider-Man Face Off Once Again

Civil War II is raging on and pulling more characters into the fray. This time, Spider-Man and Venom will face each other like in the good old days. Gerardo Sandoval is the one responsible for drawing those two this time. Marvel interviewed him, as he’s a fan of both characters and he explains the challenges of drawing these two web slingers.


As you can see, Venom has quite the savage and unique look to him. He even possesses shape-shifting abilities so was he hard to draw? Well, it’s not easy, but Gerardo said that it was quite fun drawing him, and it also gave him a lot of inspiration for further drawing.

The conflict between Spider-Man and Venom is something fans always enjoy seeing, so is Gerardo up to the task? On one hand, Spider-Man is a thin but strong, muscular character. He’s lightweight, really flexible and strong, and on top of that, he has a mask, which makes drawing expressions tricky. On the other hand, we have Venom, an immense muscular beast. He’s a gigantic but flexible character, enormous but also fast. Let’s not forget that big mouth of his that limits the expressions!


Drawing the fight will prove to be quite the challenge, but Gerardo loves challenges, so we can’t wait to see how awesome it looks!

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