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Venom Available For Limited Time In Marvel Heroes Omega

For a game like Marvel Heroes Omega, adding new faces to the roster is an important thing, but just because the game has “heroes” in the title doesn’t mean that they all have be heroic. Enter Eddie Brock, aka Venom, who is now in the game for a limited time, meaning he won’t be around forever. Thus, if you want to get in on the symbiote action and use the power of the symbiote to crush any and all who get in your way, you’ll want to get him soon.

To be clear, he’s available from now until the 28th of September, what’s more, you can only get him via the “Marvel Heroes Omega Venom Pack”, so if you want him, go get that pack. But fear not if you feel the pack should have more, because it does. It contains some loot boxes, some XP boosts, and an alternate skin in the form of Anti-Venom. This is the complete package.

Now, lest you think that this inclusion (the 42nd in the game) is a bit random, it honestly isn’t. You see, Marvel is currently having an event called “Edge of Venomverse”, where a punch of symbiote infected Marvel characters from across the Marvel Multiverse are coming together to have some…fun. And of course, Eddie Brock is leading the charge.

Eddie and the Symbiote are two of the most popular anti-heroes in the Marvel Universe. While they were once solely the villains of Spider-Man, both grew to become something more. And as time went on, we learned that a series of unfortunate events led to the symbiote being corrupted and becoming evil. The symbiote has had numerous hosts in the past, but Eddie Brock is one of its favorites, as well as the fans.

So, hop into Marvel Heroes Omega and grab the Venom Pack before it’s too late!

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