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An Update On No Man’s Sky!

By now everyone has heard about No Man’s Sky, the game with the huge procedurally generated open universe. That must mean that you also must have heard that it was getting delayed. Obviously, that upset plenty of people who were looking forward to playing the game as soon as it came out. The delay kinda put a kink in their plans, so they lashed out at the developers.

Well, the developers responded, trying to elaborate the reasons why the game’s release got pushed back. It’s quite simple honestly, the infinitely procedurally generated No Man’s Sky is one of the games that’s trying to do something that has never been done before. Now you probably think the team behind such a feat is enormous, counting hundreds upon hundreds of people that work tirelessly. You would be correct in one assumption, the team is working their minds off, but it’s only a small group, ten times smaller than what you would expect.


They still encourage us not to worry, and they  even say that the development is going quite well. Their goal is for everything to be perfect so they don’t want to rush it.
The game already looks pretty amazing to us, but if the developers think it needs more work it’s probably wise to trust in them and wait a bit more.


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