Upcoming Hell Artifact Items Revealed For Albion Online!

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by Dante

Albion Online is adding plenty Hell Artifact weapons, off-hand items and armor sets for you to collect or forge. But, for you to get any of these items, you will first need to get the matching Hell Artifact Item, which can be obtained either from Hellgates or by melding Artifact fragments together.

There are over 20 new Hell Artifact items coming your way, but we’ll pick the most interesting looking ones to cover!

Soulscythe (Quarterstaff line)


This Quarterstaff brings back the awesome Hurricane spell, so creating tornados and shooting them at monsters is back again!

Infernal Scythe (Axe line)


This scythe is definitely one of the most badass-looking weapons from these Hell weapons, and it will allow you to rip apart anything in your path with its Bloody Reap spell!

Wailing Bow (Bow line)


Want to fire a huge arrow that will shred through any enemy that stands in its path? Then the Wailing Bow is perfect for you. Also, for every enemy hit, your damage increases for a short amount of time and you even get healed!

Cursed Skull (Cursed staff line)


More badass looking effects, this time, we have the Cursed Skull that will allow you to summon the souls of fallen adventures in an Area of Effect around your character. Monsters hit receive magical damage and enemy player characters receive 3% of their total health as damage.

Fiend Set (Cloth Armor line)


Finally, an armor set. We only chose one because this one is the coolest looking one by far, and it’s abilities are also really awesome. You can purge your enemies of any buffs, your Fiend Aura will scare away any weak monsters and you can even blink away with Raging Blink!




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