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The Unfixed Heroes of Overwatch

Buffs, nerfs and other changes are nothing new to Overwatch and its heroes. Most recently, we’ve discovered that Roadhog’s hook ability is going to be nerfed, with players no longer being able to grapple others through walls and such.

In light of this, its raised the question as to which characters are currently being ignored by Blizzard in terms of desired changes being made. This has too been a topic of discussion among other Overwatch fans, some of which have taken to the message boards to express concerns.
The usual suspects when it comes to this subject in particular, consists of Bastion, Mercy, Sombra and Widowmaker.

The post in question came from the user syncerror, who stated:  “Why do you ignore those heroes? Sombra was hyped for months and months, after the release the disillusionment came fast. Nobody is playing her except some brave guys who don´t care about losing and beeing insulted. Same situation with Bastion and Widow – only that they are in this lousy state since release of the game. Yep, seven months now. And Mercy is the weakest healer since Ana-release, she sees more playtime then the other heroes but only because she is popular, not really strong. How long will you continue to observe the obvious facts without doing something, Blizz?”

Bastion for example, is considered to be hindered by a lack of mobility, making the hero predictable at times, not to mention having a particularly high hitbox. Mercy meanwhile is sometimes referred to as the weaker healer since Ana’s introduction, though the character still sees a lot of play time due to her popularity. Sombra did in fact receive a buff, though some feel that it was far too small for players to even notice. Players should surely exercise patience when it comes to Sombra, seeing as she is the most recent introduction to the roster, with Blizzard more than likely giving the hacker more time before adjusting her too much. As for Widowmaker, the reduction of scope time was a necessary change to be made, but other than that it remains to be seen what other changes need making.

Though suggestions for Widowmaker improvements were few and far between, there were some decent suggestions from the Overwatch community. Ragosta for example suggested, “Have him turn into a gun instead of a turret, Megatron style” when referring to Bastion, whilst user Veng when discussing Sombra stated, “The only thing that is a problem is that she can’t hack while invisible, use the EMP while invisible and stuff like that.”

Check out the continued discussion here. Of course, these are only based on a few of the vast character roster in the game, so we’d love to hear who you think should be buffed or nerfed by Blizzard, so feel free to leave a comment in the section below to give us your thoughts on how Overwatch characters could be improved.



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