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Ubisoft Details How NATs Affect For Honor’s Online Matchmaking

For Honor, the hack-n-slash combat title from Ubisoft was made with a lot of care and detail. This includes the online mode, which is where a lot of the gameplay can be found. However, some players have been having trouble with their internet connections and getting the matchmaking to work. They have wondered if their NATs (or Network Address Translation) is the cause of this, so Ubisoft decided to respond.

For those who don’t know, NATs are what help set up matchmaking by taking the IP Address of the gamer and putting it onto the server for which For Honor plays on, so you can see why players are curious as to whether this affects their matchmaking.

However, Ubisoft notes that once you’re in the game, your NAT doesn’t affect the quality, but do note that the kind of NAT you have can affect how fast your matchmaking goes. For the game, NAT Types are defined as Open, Moderate, and Strict. If you have an open NAT, you’ll never have a problem finding and getting into a match, same as Moderate. However, if you have a Strict type, it can be a different story, as the process to work around your Strict status can be delicate, and if not all the criteria are met, you will be rejected for an online match.

For Honor

Therefore, they advise that you should try and aim for having an Open and Moderate NAT type. Though they do state that even if you keep your Strict status, they won’t stop you from trying to get into games, and sometimes you will get in, but many times you will fail. As for connecting with players from other continents, For Honor’s servers won’t stop you, but doing can create problems in game such as stability issues and framerate drops, so be careful when you’re setting up your own groups.

Ubisoft gives several links to improve your NAT type if you feel you’re struggling with it. Once you’re set with the new type, jump back into For Honor and battle it out.

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