Tyto Online is a Steam Early Access MMORPG, developed and published by Immersed Games. In the game, players get to experience what life is like after moving from planet Earth, which became uninhabitable, to an entirely new planet called Ovo. On this planet, you establish a new life at the Tyto University, where you get to learn a lot of things about science concepts and more while doing quests.tyto online

The game just got a new update that brings 16 different and new body types. This update had to be done considering that there were only two body styles. Now that there is a variety of different body types, players can enjoy much deeper visual customization of their characters. The fact that there were only 2 body types made the character customization a very limited feature, and with this update that will completely change. Different options for the character customization in role-playing games is very important to a lot of players, who may want to make their characters look a certain way. If the character doesn’t look like the player desires he will surely move on to the next big MMORPG and continue on there.

tyto online

Another thing coming along with the body type update is a feature called Whipper Snippers. Head on over to Whipper Snippers if you want to customize a character you have already created. The customization is limitless, and you can change up your whole character completely. This means that you can change things such as hair, skin tone, body type, and eye color. This type of feature is also a great feature for any RPGs, as it allows the player that skipped character customization at the beginning to create the character they want. There are also a couple of bug fixes included in this patch, so for additional info about the Tyto Online update, visit the update announcement over at Steam.


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