Two New Dungeons Coming In TERA’s Spellbound Update

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by Dante

New and exciting dungeons are always welcome, and TERA players are getting two of them with the Spellbound update!



You only have a couple of days left before Spellbound launches on Tuesday, October 25 with these two spooky-looking dungeons. Even though they are thematically linked, both Lilith’s Keep and Ruinous Manor can be played in any order you prefer, but be careful, you’re going against a vampyr here, and they are never easy to kill!

Lilith’s Keep

Lilith’s Keep is an ancient keep hidden in the lost forgotten corner of Popolion’s Cliffs of Insanity and it’s the home of the vampyr Lilith. Your job is to go to this creepy-looking fortress and stop Lilith’s plans of awakening the god Lakan and screwing up everyone.

Ruinous Manor

After you defeat Lilith, you get to kill her again in Ruinous Manor. Being a vampyr, Lilith can’t really die, especially since she serves Lakan. Now, she will turn her fortress into a brand new breeding ground for evil, so you must end her for the second time!


If you’re looking for more info about these two new dungeons and the whole Spellbound update that’s also revamping the sorcerer class and some older dungeons, click here!

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