You longtime followers of the site probably remember that last year we started doing live E3 coverage. While that plan is still in the books for this year, readers might be pleased to know that a twitter user by the name of Cheesemeister created an easy to read schedule of all of the press conferences and events sorted by individual time zones.

This makes things far easier for all of us, because it allows those who plan on watching all of the E3 conferences to determine which ones are most important for them to view. Surprisingly, there will be no conference for Ubisoft this year, which is somewhat saddening, as they often manage to bring the most excitement to their show. As for what we plan on covering, we’ll be doing remote stream coverage for EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Sony, and Nintendo Spotlight. Tentative plans to cover the PC Gaming Show and Nintendo Treehouse Live are up in the air.

Still, this is going to be a big E3 year, as it will be the first one opened entirely to the public, meaning that more than likely, the conferences will be slightly more catered to an audience of gamers rather than reporters or developers.

Unlike last year, Nintendo is planning on doing a video presentation in the form of Nintendo Spotlight. This is exciting, as it will open the door for some new game announcements for the Nintendo Switch, which launched back in March. There’s limitless potential for the types of titles we might see getting announced this year.

While I won’t be attending E3 in person this year, MMOExaminer is dedicated to giving its readers the best and most thorough coverage possible for the event. For more on E3 2017 and other important gaming news, make sure to keep your eyes on MMOExaminer.

Update: Ubisoft will be having a conference on the Monday of E3 at 4 PM EDT.


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