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Cheating is something most of us try to avoid and don’t like to talk about. It is a plague that ruins the gaming communities across the globe. But since the dawn of gaming, many companies struggle with this problem. Farm-bots, aim-bots, wall hacks are only some that are most common in the games, but, unfortunately, they enabled some people to take a step further. Most of these hacks are providing the player with the significant edge over their opponent, but the one we will talk are focused on streamers. These hacks are made to provide streamer with fictional viewers, fictional followers and bots that comment while they stream. twitch-tv-2 is one of the companies that are battling these problems, and now they announced a lawsuit towards seven bot-makers. As they state in Twitch, they are well aware of these hacks but it’s hard to pinpoint the right targets. Unfortunately, these bots weren’t used only to pump up a number of followers but to ruin someone’s stream.

“We at Twitch are well aware that view-bots, follow-bots, and chat-impersonation bots are a persistent frustration.”

That’s right! If you use these types of “helpers” Twitch won’t give you partnership or you can lose it. A terrible way to ruin someone’s stream, the source of income and eventually their life.

“Other times, bots are used to harass other broadcasters in order to attempt to deny them partnership, or get their channel suspended. All of this is enabled by bot services offered by a handful of sellers who make misleading claims for their own commercial benefit.”

Fortunately, Twitch is on point as always and is handling this with ease. You can read the full statement from Twitch on their official site.

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