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Turned-Based RPG Ash of Gods Now On Kickstarter

It’s funny how sometimes games that were born on Kickstarter can influence other games to come to Kickstarter with a similar style and flair. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, and by doing that, some players know instantly what is coming and that’s not a bad thing. Take for example Ash of Gods, an RPG that was influenced by The Banner Saga, among other games, and focuses on a deep story and combat where your actions most definitely affect everything that happens next.

On this journey that has RPG and Roguelike elements, you’ll have to lead a group of people to victory, but you have very few resources, and not a lot of time. This means¬†that every battle, big or small, could have drastic consequences on you, your party, and your future. So you’ll need to progress carefully and wisely in order minimize losses.

The story of Ash of Gods is one filled with tragedy and hope, as you play in a world that has been devastated by both natural and unnatural threats. The world was almost wiped out by a meteor, but then some stones came down and seemed to be able to heal the people. Worshiping them as gods, the world grew, until the Reapers came and almost wiped everything out again, but then they disappeared. Centuries later they returned once more, but were fought off by warriors of the southern kingdoms. Now, 700 years have passed, and the Reapers are returning once more, and you have to stop them.

The combat is a mix of both tactical and card collecting RPGs, as the cards you get will affect the strategies you can implement, and your characters will determine how well you do in the battle itself. Build your characters up, and get the best cards and strategies to ensure victory for your people. Plus, you can battle other players in a special multiplayer mode which can unlock new things for you!

Ash of Gods is seeking $75,000 on Kickstarter, and has until June 24th to get it. If this deep story and combat system sounds appealing to you, you should consider supporting it.


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