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TSM and GAM Out at League of Legends MSI, More Roster Shuffles

Round 2 of the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2017 came to a close yesterday, and with it was the close of the hopes and dreams for North American fans, as well as fans of the GPL in Southeast Asia. NA’s Team SoloMid and Vietnam’s GIGABYTE Adonis Marines found themselves unable to clinch a spot moving forward. But meanwhile, back in the NA LCS, FlyQuest have a new ADC, and Dardoch is changing his stripes.

League of Legends MSI Group Stage Recap

Aside from SK Telecom T1 securing their top spot in the Group Stage after Day 3, the rest of the standings were hotly contested, with 3-, 4-, and even one 5-way tie. China’s Team WE ended up only 1 game down in second place, after taking the second game off of SKT on the final day (the first was taken by Flash Wolves the day before). Oddly enough, WE’s only three loses were split between SKT and the now-departed TSM and GAM.

The Marines consistently surprised their opponents and defied caster predictions, utilizing their fiercely aggressive play style to catch people off guard and snowball leads. But several of the teams seemed able to adapt, at GAM found themselves falling just 1 game short of the 3-way tie for the last spot moving forward.

That 3-way tie, between TSM, Flash Wolves, and G2 Esports, gave a defacto spot to G2 right off the bat for their 2-0 record over Flash Wolves. That left TSM and Flash Wolves deadlocked to battle it out in yet one more match. And while Flash Wolves seemed to warm up throughout the tournament, TSM continued to exhibit some of the same issues they had faced since Play-Ins, and found themselves on the back foot against the Wolves until their Nexus, and their shot at MSI, exploded.

Mid-Season Roster Changes

 ESPN reported that FlyQuest had picked up a new ADC in Freeze, formerly of Tempo Storm in the NA CS, and H2K Gaming before that. Former Immortals jungler has switched over to CLG, in a move that shakes up the latter’s starting roster for the first time since Doubelift was released just before Spring Split 2016.

Also over the weekend, the Team Liquid League of Legends squad faced off against Immortals in a soccer game, and there was some interest in who seemed to be wearing an Immortals jersey.

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