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TSM, C9 Headed to League of Legends NA LCS Spring Finals

History will repeat itself this coming weekend, as Team SoloMid and Cloud9 will face off in the League of Legends NA LCS Spring Finals. Unable to best the top two seeded opponents in the semi-finals, FlyQuest and Phoenix1 will also head to Vancouver to compete in the 3rd/4th place match.

League of Legends NA LCS Spring Finals

Since 2013, before even the formation of the LCS proper (it was called the Riot League Championship Series), Team SoloMid has been a staple in the finals match, and has often found victory. Back then, the entire prize pool for the tournament was $100,000. This weekend, the first place team alone will take home that much, though it’s also worth noting that the prize pools now pale in comparison with player salaries.

Reginald is still around, and while he won’t be clinching MVP like he did in 2013, he’ll be in the back, sweating it out with his staff as the team he started will work to defeat Cloud9, one more time. And while he still has WildTurtle (he was there in 2013 too), the rest of the roster is vastly different. Solo lanes are guaranteed to be interesting. Mid will see Bjergsen, the wise and calculated tactician, against Jensen, the mechanically gifted playmaker. Cloud9 continues to field two top laners, described in the recent LoL Esports video as a sword, Ray, and a shield, Impact. Though the versatility is certainly welcome, either will have to contend with Hauntzer, who has proven himself this split to be one of the best top laners in North America for his ability to roam and force plays while maintaining lane pressure.

In the jungle, Svenskeren’s split has been a bit lackluster, or at least he hasn’t yet started to shine quite as bright as the rest of his team. Meanwhile, Contractz secured himself the title of Rookie of the Split, and has often been able to devour more disorganized opponents. But Team SoloMid has been one of the tightest teams in the split.

WildTurtle has been caught in an interesting situation all split, and his performances have been up and down. On one hand, people view him as just a stand-in before Doublelift returns in the Summer. On the other hand, Turtle is a TSM veteran, returning to the squad himself. Both have cordially respected the other’s position in interviews. But anytime WildTurtle makes a questionable move in lane, you have to wonder, what would Doublelift have done?

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The League of Legends NA LCS Spring Finals will air Sunday, April 23rd, at 12:00 PDT, with the 3rd/4th place match on Saturday.

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