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Tree Of Savior Team Answers Player Questions

Despite what some players think, game developers do hear their cries for change and their questions about new systems or additions to their games. While it’s true that some don’t answer, a lot do, and even strive to deliver special ways of giving you the answers they want. Special Dev Blogs, Q&A’s and interviews help with that. For the MMORPG Tree of Savior, they did a kind of “knowing” interview with one of the heads of the game to discuss the new DPK system in the game that some fans aren’t too excited about, at least for now.

First off, they described what DPK is, or as they put it “top down” in reference to items. Originally, Tree of Savior didn’t have this system because of the fact that it could cause players to wait a long time to get a certain item. But now, they’ve adjusted the system so that items can be gotten a little easier, and you wouldn’t have to “pray to the RNG gods.”

They even note that it’s the community that helps determine the drop rate for the item. If it’s too high, or too low, and the community mentions it a lot, it does get changed. Furthermore, though it does seem “unfair” from an outside view, the new DPK system actually makes it 50% more likely for an item to drop. That’s quite a difference from the previous system.

They also discussed a new material shop that the Tree of Savior team is considering. They want to do it potentially for future events, and will help you get materials you need for certain recipes. Plus, the cost of these items won’t be too much as they’ll only be seen (the shops) during these events. More details are going to come later once they’re ironed out. Be sure to check the full interview for more details given.


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