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Tree Of Savior Reveals GM Q&A With Players

A lot of times, a game developer will try and connect with the people that play their games in an informal setting. This helps connect with them on a level that doesn’t involve a computer screen, and it also shows just how much the developer cares about the players. Well, Tree of Savior’s dev team did just that recently. They went out and had a meetup with players to talk about the title and answer any questions they may have had about the game. Now, they’ve posted some of the questions that were asked.

There were questions about the recent changes to the battle system, such as whether the speed of the patch would be the speed that the fans can count on from now on. The team notes that when the situation arises, like bringing it from one version of the game to another, speed is just as much a priority as quality. They also revealed that if you’re having difficulties facing certain monsters or bosses that you didn’t have problems with before, look at the stats for your characters, as the new changes might be affecting them in ways you didn’t realize.

As for what the future holds, there was a question about whether classes would still be tweaked after the big updates that are coming. The team said that they will always be a focus, because even with the upcoming changes there are still problems that need to be fixed. Oh, and Guild vs. Guild matches may be returning soon, they just have to work out a few things before bringing them back.

Finally, the team states that they do indeed look at the feedback players give on the Tree of Savior forums. They’re happy to see you discussing problems, and want you to know that they are watching, observing, and taking your feedback and putting it in the game when they can.

That only scratches the surface of the questions, so check out the full Q&A to see the rest.

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