The IMC staff on the popular MMORPG known as Tree of Savior has unveiled a hotfix for the game that will offer Cross Server Automatic Party Matching. While players are still restricted to players within their region, a player onthe Klaipeda server can match with a player on the Orsha server.

This measure has been implemented to reduce wait time for North American and European players. While this measure will reduce those wait times, it will not allow players to match across regions.

Tree Of Savior 1

Tree Of Savior is a free-to-play MMORPG featuring a classic class system and many vast servers over different regions. The game is available for download currently on Steam and launched on May 10th. For more on Tree Of Savior head here!

The game boasts a cute and colorful art direction, and a very customizable gameplay experience as well as a TOS 2dedicated PVP option.

There is also a large community of forums available and an updating world status chart based on events in the game. In-game purchases can be made as well through the Steam store. For more on the Tree Of Savior changes and other MMORPG news, stay tuned for more as updates become available.



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