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Traditional MOBA Getting Killed by Overwatch

8 years passed since the MOBA genre emerged. These Multiplayer Online Battle Arena’s were giving us something new and different. Something we never have seen before and we loved it.

It all started with the simple map a few guys made in Warcraft 3 editor, but they could never imagine the impact it would make. Currently, the leading MOBA role, with no doubt goes to League of Legends, consistently followed by Dota2, but in these few months, something is happening. MOBA as a genre is starting to get shaky and people are turning away from it.


Could it be that the simple game mode we all love is becoming to singular and boring? Are we in need of something more colorful? Maybe it’s due to the fact that so many companies are making their own MOBAs, trying to get a piece of the cake. Whatever might be the reason, MOBAs around the world are losing their players and popularity. And, as it seems, the prime reason for it is one game. Overwatch!

When we took a first look at it, we knew that this will gather masses, but to have such impact was something that never crossed our minds. Some people were very vocal about the resemblance Overwatch had to Team Fortress 2, but that didn’t stop them from playing it.


We could say that Overwatch is currently the most popular game and certainly “overpopulated”, but the number of players that come to it from different MOBAs still rises. Some like to stitch this to the hype Overwatch is bathing in, but still, it doesn’t seem it will go away anytime soon.eternal_schism___league_of_legends_contest_winner_by_roboto_kun-d8i3jud

I must put my personal opinion out there because I share the same “problem”. I transitioned from Leauge of Legends to Overwatch simply because I needed a change. Due to competitive aspect LoL likes to highlight, people don’t play it for fun. So, how can someone enjoy the game if you are stressed about it constantly? To be honest, I’m quite happy with my decision and I enjoy playing Overwatch. Maybe one day I’ll go back to LoL and revisit the old battlefield I shared with so many friends, but for now, let it rest in the past.

Written by Kova

As an experienced content creator, Kova delivers actionable work that resonates with the audience. He is a passionate gamer, and the fact that he writes about the games he plays makes him an unstoppable force behind the keyboard and a purveyor of cleverly crafted words. When he is not writing, Kova spends his time playing many different games, such as LoL, DOTA2, Riders Of Icarus, Guild Wars 2, The Witcher 3, Diablo 3 etc. The list is so long that we’ll just say: You name it, he played it.

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