Ah, the familiar topic of who is next to go under the microscope at Blizzard. We’ve all looked to our favorite Overwatch heroes and wondered if they could go that one step further in our gameplay experience with a relevant buff or nerf, with many community members imploring developers to do so on their respective mains. In recent months, we’ve seen discussions regarding alterations to Roadhog, D’va, Bastion, McCree, Soldier 76 and others to improve the overall quality of the game. Is it time that Torbjorn received the same treatment?

In a discussion raised by Battle.net user Mikhail, the post outlines a number of potential changes that could be made to the hero. Suggestions range from reducing his head hitbox size, which allegedly takes up to a third to half of his overall hitbox, to giving Torbjorn better hit detection and/or range for his hammer. Mikhail also put forward that the character could benefit from a boost in his projectile speed, among many others which you can see detailed on the original post.

Torbjorn main Rezbit would prefer to leave him as he is, out of fear of the potential backlash that would be received from the Overwatch community:

The minute he receives a buff is the minute everybody, especially on console, will whine about him.

Suggestions continue to come in that emphasize that Torbjorn’s hitbox should most definitely be reduced, though user StormEagle believes the issue lies within how the hero is being played in general:

I think the problem most people have with Torbjorn is that he plays too passively. In a team-based game, especially in Competitive, it takes Torbjorn about 8 seconds to build a turret and get it to full health.

Would you like to see Torbjorn looked into next? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. He fucking destroys people now, esp if you’re smart about how to use his gun at a far range and using his turrets in sneaky ways that give him a huge advantage. His turret has massive range and pinpoint 100% accuracy, so sometimes it’s best to hide around a corner or behind a giant rock and heal/channel your gun while it takes out every fucker in range and you’re keeping it alive by pocket healing your own machine out of gunfire’s way.


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