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Tom Clancy’s The Division Update 1.2: Conflict


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Tom Clancy’s The Division rolls Update 1.2: Conflict with the promise of new content that comes in the form of gameplay additions, further progression and a bunch of new goodies.

incursionclearsky INCURSION: CLEAR SKY

A mission to take back the Manhattan airway is underway after losing an anti-aircraft site and the line of supply goods to the Rikers in Columbus Circle.

highvaluetargets HIGH-VALUE TARGETS

Eliminate VIPs of the game such as different faction leaders and set up the operation by first finding out where they are.


Sabotage enemy operations by cutting the rope during an opposing team’s extraction and have all the loot on the ground, free for the taking.


Sealed caches have the possibility of getting dropped by named enemies in the Dark Zone. Open them to discover the mystery items inside.

gearsets GEAR SETS

Players get all new gear sets to equip: Hunter’s Faith, Lone Star, Final Measure, Predator’s Mark. Unlock them for bonuses!

highendweapons HIGH-END WEAPONS

Also, shiny new weapons to play with: Hungry Hog M60 LMG, Centurion M1911 Pistol, MEDVED SAIGA12 Shotgun, Historian M1A MMR.


The update has enough content to keep fans satiated until the next roll out, obviously focusing on high-level gameplay and providing new equipment and adjusting the loot system to help out with the progression.

You can read the patch notes for more details and information about Update 1.2: Conflict here.

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