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Through the Woods Is Out On Steam

Through the Woods is a new third-person horror game developed by Antagonist, a small indie game studio from Norway . The game was just released on Steam and along with the release we got a trailer showcasing what kind of gameplay players should expect before purchasing it.


In Through the Woods, you take the role of a mother in a living nightmare. It takes place in a huge forest where a mother is desperately trying to find her missing son. After some time of searching, she will find out that she is not alone. As you can see from the trailer, the game has beautiful graphics that really highlights the wonders of this ’empty’ forest.

While searching for your son, you will be forced to ignore the fear and continue to look for him. The game is heavily influenced by Norse mythology which players will notice later in the game. Players will be able to take their mind of the main task and learn about many interesting Norse stories and folklore.


The game is perfect for anyone excited for Halloween because this might be the perfect opportunity to pick up Through the Woods as it is on discount until the end of the month.

Written by Adi

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