Throne of Lies

Kickstarter allows for some interesting fusions of projects. For video games, this can mean a blending of genres that people didn’t really think could work before as a game. Enter Throne of Lies, a 3D online multiplayer game that’s meant to play like an old-school tabletop game from long ago.

What makes this game unique is that your key “skills” for Throne of Lies are simply your wit, and your ability to deduce what to do next. Players will try to find allies, as well as kill their enemies and find out snakes as they try to ascend to the throne, or protect it from those who would do it harm.

There are factions and classes galore, as you must figure out what’s going on in the world around you. And every choice you make has an impact. What will you do to those who mock you? Defy you? Betray you? Your choices will affect not just the game, but how other people see you.

Another interesting part of this game is the Day/Night system. This allows for different segments of gameplay depending on what time of day it is. So use your time wisely, and know when to strike back. Also, there won’t be any paid armor or skins or event rewards. Everything you can get in-game, you can get from playing the game!

Throne of Lies

Like in all tales of deception, how you get rid of your foes is what counts. Be creative! Trick them into making a bad move, see if they’ll fall into a trap you’ve set for them. Make them cross the line, so that you can kill them up close and personal. It’s all there for you to do.

Throne of Lies is currently in the final 10 days of its Kickstarter, and needs only $6000 dollars to ensure the game is made. If a game of wits is your kind of party, then check out the game, and see if you have what it takes to be king!


  1. Idea and concept sounds good, but the current look, sorry just like one of thous 6 billions other unity-demos out-there….so tired of this!

    • The current look is of course just pre-funded graphic, it will change and improve once funded 😉 and of course, it won’t be left like this, like stated in their Kickstarter pitch; “once we get funded we won’t stop development” so don’t you worry about the look 😉

    • That’s the reason it has a kickstarter – so it can improve itself, including the graphics. It’s hard to make a game look good when the devs don’t have enough time, due to a lack of money, to dedicate to improving the game.

      If you like the concept, but want the graphics to be better, help them improve by donating to the kickstarter. Don’t expect perfection before it even starts.

  2. The game had improve a lot for the past few month n is currently in Alpha now! Many Youtubers started to play, ToS even have an updates like ToL! it seems fun!


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