There’s a Flaw in Widowmaker’s Mine Ability in Overwatch

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by Ham

What’s great about the Overwatch community is many members’ attention to the detail that has gone into the game. Many eagle-eyed fans have managed to scope out the finer details hidden away, some of which have led to the cryptic, viral reveals of characters such as Sombra, Doomfist and others. Whilst there have been other examples that have lead to controversy, such as the recent depiction of Australia used in the game for Junkertown, in which a sign was considered to be culturally incorrect, something that Blizzard rectified soon after.

In this particular instance, one rather savvy Reddit user has noticed what is comically described as a “major issue” regarding Widowmaker’s mine. The post states that because of the ability’s description and the reaction to heroes having the mine used on them causes coughing, it has been determined that the toxins from the mine are inhaled.

The mine is actually called the Venom Mine, and it is important to remember, as stated in the post, that: “Venom is injected, whereas poison is absorbed/inhaled/etc.” Therefore, it raises the question of whether or not Widowmaker’s mine should be renamed as the Poison Mine.

Is this something that Blizzard should be concerning themselves with? Probably not, but it is another great example of the fan dedication that Overwatch enjoys.

Should Widowmaker’s mine be renamed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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