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The International 2016 Battle Pass Revealed

Dota 2 - TI6 Battle Pass

On May 16th, Valve announced the highly anticipated The International 2016 Battle Pass along with its mechanics. As with any previous Battle Passes, purchasing The International 2016 Battle Pass grants access to the associated compendium. The International 2016 Compendium re-introduces successful activities from previous compendiums, such as a wagering system, quests, and predictions. However, unlike its predecessors, simply possessing The International 2016 Compendium qualifies owners for rewards akin to conventional stretch goals. This added feature is favorable because it allows all purchasers to enjoy the benefits of the compendium. The immediately unlocked rewards include Immortal Treasures, a seasonal terrain, and the items seen below:

Dota 2 - TI6 Basic Rewards

For the enthusiasts, fear not, because the Battle Pass may still be leveled up to gain further rewards such as courier upgrades, special in-game effects, and even a physical 1/5th scale replica of the Aegis of Champions for themselves!

The Internationals have always been the eSports events each year which awarded the largest prize pool. This is greatly in-part due to the sales revenue gathered from Battle Passes. As is tradition, 25% of all transactions of Battle Passes goes directly toward increasing the prize pool. Last year, The International 2015 finished with a record-breaking prize pool of $18,429,613. A challenge has been extended by Valve to set an even more impressive record this year.

Dota 2 - TI6 Prize Pool

If The International 2016’s prize pool exceeds last year’s, each Battle Pass owner will receive three “Trust of the Benefactor” treasures, which contains a random hero set, a 2016 Immortal Treasure, an Arcana, or for those lucky enough, an item of limited quantity. If history truly repeats itself, Dota 2’s passionate community will go above and beyond the goal.

A level 1 Battle Pass may now be purchased for $9.99, or for anyone seeking an early start, a level 50 Battle Pass is also available for $26.99. Full details about The International 2016 Battle Pass may be found on Dota 2’s official site. I hope you are all as excited as I am as we rapidly approach The International 2016!


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