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The Guardians of Gigantic

Have you even wondered how the AI of the enormous Guardians from Gigantic worked? Well, we got some info on just that.


The core part of Gigantic revolves around two teams battling each other and these huge creatures called Guardians, which are actually the win condition, in a why. It’s highly competitive and the whole Guardian being a huge mobile creature that moves and acts on its own.


At the start, Guardians behaved mostly like raid bosses that you find in MMORPGs. They were each stationed at the base, and the team who beats the other team gets to fight the enemy Guardian and inflict damage on it. Then, when the get angry enough, they would enter rage mode which makes them do more damage but take more damage also. This was changed to make the Guardians a lot more active, so they wouldn’t feel so static. Now, instead of attacking the enemy Guardian to make it vulnerable, you power up your own and then it pins the enemy’s down, making it vulnerable to attack by the players.


Now, the game makes Guardians feel like allies, helping you in battle. The Guardians still have the ability to pin the other down to make it vulnerable. But, now when it reaches full power, it makes a powerful call that empowers its allies!

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