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The Division Releases 1.2 Update


The Division’s latest update will be rolling out next week, free of charge.

The Division has been getting a lot of criticism as of late. Ubisoft hopes to rectify this with its latest update 1.2: Conflict, releasing on May 24 across all platforms. A new trailer, released today, showcased a number of new additions, the most prominent of which was the new incursion (Clear Sky). Taking place around Columbus Circle, this major add-on will task gamers with taking back the previously inaccessible landmark from the Rikers. These mischievous bad guys have taken control of deserted LMB-controlled anti-air missiles, seizing Manhattan’s iconic skyline.

The trailer promises fresh gear sets and high-end weapons, including sniper rifles, machine guns, and shotguns. In addition to this, the developers will be implementing High-Value Targets, a group of powerful bosses that will appear in the game world. Each one will be set at a different level, so this should add a nice degree of challenge.

Ubisoft has also made some changes to the Dark Zone. During those heated extraction battles, players can now cut the helicopter’s rope, scattering precious loot to the ground. This could, potentially, enhance Dark Zone fights with a great deal of strategy. One could wait for another player to fight off enemies before rushing in to grab the goods.

On the more minor side of things, 1.2 will allow players to carry 2,000 Phoenix Credits, twice as many as before. This is replacing a restriction that previously forced players to spend them once the limit had been exceeded.

Will 1.2: Conflict re-energize The Division’s multiplayer? Only time will tell.

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