The Elder Scrolls: Legends Fall of the Dark brotherhood Black Sacrament

Bethesda’s answer to Hearthstone, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, was in open beta last summer and only recently got its full release on March 9th of this year. Yesterday, players received the first additional PvE content in the strategy card game since launch. It’s entitled “The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood” and a trailer was released for it today.

This new campaign obviously revolves around the infamous family of assassins, the Dark Brotherhood. According to the patch notes, players will be deciding whether to save the organization or destroy it. Along with the main content, many smaller additions and changes have been brought along with the newest game update.

A new ability called “Change” is now present in the game. The patch notes state that “Change shows a creature becoming something different while its possessions and states remain the same,” so it will keep its damage, items, and modifications. The existing cards “Hidden Trail” and “Ahnassi” are being slightly altered in the update as well.

“Hidden Trail” was changed so as to limit its affect on special lanes like the ones you’ll be finding in the new Fall of the Dark brotherhood campaign. The card now only turns Field Lanes into Shadow Lanes.  “Ahnassi” has gotten herself a bit of a buff, now simply stealing a ward rather than breaking it so the opposing card won’t receive any benefits.

There will also a lot of minor text changes and bug fixes along with the update which you can look through yourself on the official patch notes post. You will get all those for free when you update the game, but the Fall of the Dark Brotherhood is a paid bit of content. Players can pick up the whole campaign for $19.99 USD or play the first map for $7.99 USD. However, if you do purchase all three maps you will receive an in-game mount for the Elder Scrolls Online called the Doom Wolf. If you play the MMORPG that could be a pretty good deal.

Will you be playing this new PvE campaign for The Elder Scrolls: Legends? Have you already started? Let us know what you think of it.



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