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TERA’s Summer Party

The heat is here, and so are TERA’s most exciting summer events.

The Festival of the Sun is back, so you’re going to travel to Balder’s Refuge to help the Consos Clan get their temple back in order. Your first move is to take care of all the sloths and ghilliedhus and snakes that moved in the many rooms of the Temple of the Sun. After that, you’re going to help to clean up their mess. Droppings, garbage, and graffiti all need to be taken care of so that the Temple of the Sun can shine in all its glory!


The daily quests are random, so you have to log in to find out what you’re going to be doing. But you still want to check back every day and complete all the quests while the festival is active! Festival quests are for characters level 58 and higher, so lower level characters, unfortunately, won’t be able to participate.

The Beach Party is the next event, and it’s full of fun activities, like the splash cannon mini-game, smashing watermelons blindfolded, and building sand castles!


While the mini-games and sandcastles are available to all levels, quests associated with the beach party are only available to characters level 48 and higher, so level up quickly or else you’ll miss out on the fun!

The events run until Tuesday, August 16—so go and have fun on the beach while you still can!


Written by Dante

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