TERA Update Brings Two New Dungeons

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The latest patch to be implemented into TERA brings two brand-new dungeons to the game, entitled Thaumetal Refinery and the RK-9 Kennel. The Might of the Mechanic patch also brings alterations to the enchantment system, as well as changes to receiving equipment and the TERA club.

The Thaumetal Refinery is a place of dark secrets and darker experiments, in one of the latest dungeons to be introduced to the game. Here, players will be tasked with making their way through the jungle to take on Birchback, before finding the path to the refinery, where you will come face to face with the hulking miner, Lehnym. Should you succeed, you’ll be ready to take a mining cart to tackle Gaaruksalk.

As for the RK-9 Kennel, this location presents an area in which deadly robots are brought to life, and will stop at nothing to see you dead. In pursuit of rogue scientist Randun, you’ll traverse the location trying to survive the traps he’s set, moving between areas using teleportals, all the while taking on the likes of Ventarun, Hexapleon and of course, RK-9. A hard mode for this dungeon will be coming with Patch 62, presenting a much more difficult challenge than before.

If you’d like to see what changes that have been made with the patch that was brought in recently, head on over to the official website. In the meantime, be sure to check out these dungeons, which sound like they will present an uphill yet exciting task for the finest of TERA players.

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