TERA EU Recaps Current Summer Changes And Events

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For MMORPGs like TERA, it’s important to give players lots to do, because it keeps them engaged, keeps them playing the game, and has the game on their minds each and every day as they (hopefully) desire to come back to it as soon as possible. But, sometimes, when there’s a LOT of new things to do, it can be hard to remember it all. Thankfully, that’s what emails to players and press releases are for. And since the game does have a lot going on, they decided to remind everyone what you can do, and how you can have fun doing it.

First off, it’s Summer in TERA, and that means beach-themed events, like getting seashells on the seashore! Yes, we just went there, and so did the game. But in a twist, if you get these seashells, and upgrade them right, you can get special items! Like what for example? Well, how about a Liberation Scroll or up to 1000 Masterwork Alkahest? And that’s just the type of the iceberg with 8 different kinds of shells to find. You only have until the 22nd to get them though!


Also ending at that time is the Summer Festival. It’s a party, but one with a twist, as there are vampires trying to suck the fun (yes, we went there!) out of it. If you stop them, you’ll not only be able to enjoy the festivities of the Festival of the Sun, but you’ll get cool items like swimsuits, accessories, and more!

Finally, there’s the content of patch 58.03, which heralds the return of The Liar, and brings with it a new dungeon for you to explore. And that too is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, dive into TERA, and see what fun you can have before the Summer ends, you won’t regret it.

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