Wayward Isles

The small yet dedicated team over at Ironheart have unveiled a teaser trailer for The Wayward Isles, which presents an adventure game taking place in a detailed fantasy society with a heavy focus on narrative. Check out the trailer below.

The project will be heading to Kickstarter later this year, with a release planned sometime in 2018. Those who choose to indulge in The Wayward Isles will find themselves in open island environment offering both action and exploration traits. The game’s setting takes inspiration from Scandinavian and Orkney islands culture and folklore, Despite its fantasy elements, they are considered to be more subtle than other titles that are available on the market, opting to keep those said elements on the down low, and side with a more realistic approach.

Taking on the role of Scyld, players will find themselves back at the island of the aging exile protagonist’s birth, who finds himself involved in conflict with the Odd Folk and other mysterious NPCs that will play a vital role in how you progress through the game. With a very thin, unclear line between good and bad, Wayward Isles will test player’s morality and force them to make difficult decisions throughout.

It will be interesting to see how this stripped back approach to fantasy will work, though little is still known with the game still being in such early stages of development. Will you be supporting The Wayward Isles, the hybrid of both fantasy and action adventure when it comes to Kickstarter later this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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