HearthstoneThis Tavern Brawl, though done before, hasn’t been highlighted on this site. The Optomitron brawl basically optimizes your card draw on each turn. If you have a card in your deck that matches the cost of the turn, you will draw that card.

For instance, you’ll draw a 1-cost card on the first turn, and so on. This is ideal for C’Thun decks, as you can draw all of the necessary buffs building up to turn ten, when C’Thun can be played. Duplicates are going to be key to this style of deck, as you want to fill all thirty slots. You don’t want to end up in a scenario where you trip up and draw the wrong card.

The ideal style of deck focuses on low cost tempo, followed by big decisive minions. Spells don’t really belong in these kinds of decks. Minions, longevity, board control, these are the key themes that make a deck effective in this scenario. Recommended classes include Hunter and Warlock. For Warlock, you could initiate a renounce deck in the very beginning of the match. For a Hunter, controlling your pacing is key to creating an aggressive presence.

All in all, this is a more intricate side of the Tavern Brawl. So get out there, win yourself a free pack, and show them that Optomitron can win you a match.


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