Should Tanks In World Of Warcraft Be Nerfed For WPVP?

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by GlyphMasterson

MMORPGs have many features that make them unique compared to other gaming genres. One of them is PVP, or Player-vs-Player battles. Now, some MMORPGs restrict where this style of battle can take place, often putting players in arenas with certain rules to make the fight fair. However, there are those, like World of Warcraft, who allow open world PVP, aka. WPVP, or World Player-Vs-Player. And while many agree that this is a great feature, it’s also one that’s getting scrunity due to the overpowering nature of tanking classes.

Tanks are characters that are built to have the highest HP, and the best defenses. They’re meant to be those characters/players that charge into the battle without fear of getting slaughtered within seconds, because they’re so tough it’s hard to best them. To be clear, World of Warcraft players aren’t saying that Tanks are bad, quite the opposite, they’re saying they’re so good that they can obliterate just about anyone in WPVP. And on the official forums, players talked about their own experiences in this matter, and why they should be nerfed.

“Yeah it’s silly I can roll into most places and curb stomp people and barely have a dent in my hp.” notes user Snuggi.

World of Warcraft PVP

But, it’s not as clear a consensus as you might think. While many truly want the nerfing, others want it to be left alone, as WPVP is the “last bastion of freedom” that World of Warcraft has. In fact, players note that they do WPVP for its freedom rather than go to the “stat crunching” arenas that PVP is also held at, as Footblocker added, “World PvP is the last bastion of freedom in this game, what with the battlegrounds telling you what stats to have and can’t use your set bonuses, items and whatnot.”

It’s a complicated argument for sure. Do you nerf a type of character so that others at least have a chance? Or, do you leave it open so that anything goes?

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments below!


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