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Are Tanks Unbalanced In World Of Warcraft?

When it comes to MMORPGS like World of Warcraft, there are certain things that players truly hope for. One, they hope for the game to be fun. Two, they wish it to be both challenging, yet fair so that they have the desire to keep playing it. And finally, they want the classes to be balanced, especially for PvP play. After all, if a class is unbalanced in that realm, then many players will swarm to be that class so that they can reap the rewards. Sadly, this seems to be happening with tanks.

Now technically, tank isn’t a class, but it is a class archetype of sorts. That is to say that those who are tanks are ones who are meant to absorb damage. They’re affectionately called “Meat Shields” as they can take attack after attack and seemingly be no worse for wear. Characters building themselves into this can be useful in Raids and other World of Warcraft functions. But, in PvP, it can be very annoying as lets us know.

World of Warcraft PVP

A topic about tanks was started in January, and it was about how tanks were hated in PvP, even if the person controlling said tank was using the same character in PvE play. Well, after a long gap, the thread got restarted by those who noted how tanks have gotten even more unbalanced as Legion (the latest expansion) has advanced:

“Hitting for millions upon millions is absurd even from PvE’s point of view, which only suggests a serious flaw in BLizzard’s game programming,” said player Blighthoof.

Other users state that tanks don’t belong in PvP matches because when its 1v1 it’s¬†completely unfair to the one that isn’t the tank. Is there a solution for this? Probably, but it’s up to Blizzard to implement it, and players are buying that they’ll change it.

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