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Talion Likely to Die in Middle-earth: Shadow of War?

As avid video gamers, we often find ourselves becoming attached to certain characters, most commonly protagonists that capture our hearts and minds in a bid to see them emerge victorious as the game reaches its conclusion. As a latecomer to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, it left me wondering what fate would await Talion going into the highly anticipated sequel, Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Admittedly, it has been a while since I’ve found the time to play a game solely focused on single-player, and one that I’ve found myself becoming deeply embroiled with for the first time probably since Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. As a fan of the Lord of the Rings franchise, I’m not really sure where I was or what I was doing to have missed out on Shadow of Mordor back in 2014, yet I’m glad that I have been able to experience it in time for the sequel’s release next month.

As I’m sure many fans have, I have wondered what fate awaits Talion going into Shadow of War, and where he will be in the end. Of course, this is by no means any form of spoiler, given that the game still a few weeks away from release, but rather a theory of how his story will be concluded when all is said and done.

Talion makes for a strong and well-suited protagonist for the Monolith franchise, and his connection Celebrimbor gives the game a unique twist to go with it. But once coming to the realization that Talion is bound to Celebrimbor, it could have potentially sealed his fate already. Looking way forward to the end of the Lord of the Rings series, as we all well know, Frodo destroying the ring in turn destroys Sauron. Since Talion is bound to Celebrimbor, and Celebrimbor is bound to Sauron, the chain of events is likely to see Talion meet his eventual demise. Of course, the games take place between the events of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, so this doesn’t necessarily support him dying so early in the timeline, but it’s something to certainly keep in mind.

As much as I want to see Talion and Celebrimbor make it out of this adventure alive, if you think about it from Talion’s point of view, is he really that interested in surviving? Looking back on the events at the start of Shadow of Mordor, where (spoiler alert) his family is murdered right in front of him, then him meeting his doom with have more of a bittersweet feel to it rather than just bitter.

It depends on how long Monolith decide to tell the story for, whether or not it will continue to expand through further sequels or not. We know as with everybody that he’s going to die eventually, but the matter of when is an interesting thought.

And if he is to survive, then how will Monolith play it? As mentioned by WBGames community member Drafe234, there have been rumblings of an additional ring of power, one that could be carried by Talion if that was the route that the developers decided to take, and continue to prolong what has so far been an intriguing story.

How do you think Talion will fare in Shadow of War? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Ham is a video games journalist, musician and a rookie Twitch streamer. Playing everything from 2D platformers to MMORPGs, Ham enjoys bringing news from all forms of games to the masses. Favourite game series’ include Dark Souls, Diablo, Grand Theft Auto and Borderlands.

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