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Tales of an Overwatch Noob – Most Awkward Experiences Shared by Fans

As with any game, we were all ‘noobs’ at some point in Overwatch. Countless errors are often the order of the day when it comes to trying your hand with the game’s vast roster of characters, learning each individual’s techniques and using them to their maximum capability. Not to mention learning the ins and outs of each map, and how each game mode worked for you to grab the win.

There are numerous personal examples that i encountered when first playing Overwatch. Like trying to figure out if Roadhog could sprint, or not even realizing that Bastion could actually heal himself and running to the nearest health pack each time. Of course, over time these traits fade away and you get to a point when you no longer consider yourself to be a ‘noob’.

That said, other Overwatch players have come together to share their earliest experiences of the game, starting off with community member Deevo:

When I started last month, I had no idea how lucio worked. I kept blasting my team while on healing mode. I was thinking he worked like mercy and i had to shoot my team to heal them.

User Widowmaker made the exact same mistake I had made when first using the character, and I did this for a LONG time:

I didn’t know widow was a sniper so i played her like 76

Another all too familiar mistake by ToxicReverie is something that also plagued by early days as a McCree main, and needless to say, it was never High Noon for me starting out:

Whenever I would try to play McCree, I had no idea how his ult worked. I didn’t know you had to wait a few seconds for the targets to be locked on.

Jaycast 16 meanwhile shared a rather amusing story about starting out as Symmetra:

When I first played Symmetra, I had no idea wtf the teleporter did. I initially thought you place it down anywhere so your teammates can go back to the spawn room and like change their character anytime. I clearly read the description too fast. I was like this is the worst ult in the game lol.

Don’t worry SlashedSkull, there’s no friendly fire here:

Back in the open beta, every time Athena would loudly blast “TEAM KILL!” across my screen, I would flinch and apologize to my team, thinking this game had friendly fire.

It will feel like a lifetime ago for some players sharing these memories, but the memories of starting out and the now laughable mistakes we made will always remain. We all had to start somewhere, right?

What are your earliest memories of Overwatch? What were your most awkward experiences? Let us know in the comments section below.

Written by Ham

Ham is a video games journalist, musician and a rookie Twitch streamer. Playing everything from 2D platformers to MMORPGs, Ham enjoys bringing news from all forms of games to the masses. Favourite game series’ include Dark Souls, Diablo, Grand Theft Auto and Borderlands.

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