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    Watch Dogs 2 Stabilizes Multiplayer, Pushes Back DLC

    Ubisoft has announced the release of Watch Dogs 2 update 1.06 across all platforms. This update is intended to stabilize the game’s multiplayer. They are also citing development issues based on this update as the reason they are pushing back the release of the upcoming T-Bone Content Bundle DLC. Watch Dogs 2 T-Bone Content Bundle […] More

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    Watch Dogs 2 Showcases New Gameplay Footage

    The release of Watch Dogs 2 is getting ever closer, and this early gameplay footage is certain to get fans interested in how the game works. More importantly, it showcases how the game intends to improve on the previous Watch Dogs game, which suffered plentiful criticism from fans and critics alike. This was mainly down to […] More

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    Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer modes detailed

    In anticipation to its release later this year, Ubisoft has revealed some key features to the Watch Dogs sequel. Focusing on the online aspects of the game, a key component will be allowing players to interact with other online gamers in the open world. Pass others, join activities and invite fellow players to your game seamlessly […] More

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    The Ubisoft Lounge Is Occupying Gamescom Once Again

    If you’re anywhere near Gamescom, be sure to visit the Ubisoft Club. Also, if you didn’t, make sure to grab Rayman Origins, as it’s free for PC players to download on Uplay. This is a part of the Ubisoft 30th anniversary celebration where they give away one classic Ubisoft game every month, and it’s going […] More

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    Watch Dogs 2 -Trailer Revealed

    If you don’t know that Watch Dogs 2 is coming then you are living under a rock. Ubisoft has released on their official YouTube channel a shiny new trailer for the game and it is outstanding! We were simply stunned when we saw the animation! For those who might not know, in this sequel you’ll be hacking and […] More