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    What Dark and Light’s 9/27 Hotfix Fixes

    Sometimes when you release a patch to fix certain issues, other problems pop up. That happened to Dark and Light, a sandbox survival RPG, when the latest patch was released. In order to fix all these new bugs, the developers are deploying the new 9/27 hotfix, which will reduce ingot craft times, reduce spawn rates […] More

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    More Info On Albion Online’s Arena Mode

    Albion Online is not your typical MMORPG. It’s a sandbox one set in an open medieval fantasy world, it has a player-driven economy, and all the equipment in the game is player-crafted. The game’s first update after its release is coming, and it’s called Joseph. Quite a strange name for an update, but never the […] More

  • Dark and Light Dragon Photo Mode
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    Dark And Light Gets Big Patch

    Steam Early Access is a useful took in many ways. For one, it allows players to get their hands on a game before it’s fully done. Two, those players can then send messages to the developer in order to get things fixed before mass release. And three, should the developers listen, the game will be […] More

  • Tokyo 42
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    Beautifully Frustrating—’Tokyo 42′ Review (PC)

    Many games attempt to leave a lasting impression on the public, but few manage to. Undertale won people’s hearts with its charming storytelling and quirky mechanics while Super Meat Boy before it inspired players by keeping the platform genre fresh. More recently, Stardew Valley introduced PC gamers to the farm simulation style Harvest Moon is […] More

  • Hover: Revolt of Gamers
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    ‘Hover: Revolt of Gamers’ Review

    Video games, much like any other form of entertainment, are fun. Although they can be considered a form of art despite the community’s clamor for less sociopolitical commentaries, we can’t forget that they are just as fun as watching a superhero movie, or listening to an impactful song, or even reading a fiction novel with […] More

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    Crowfall’s New UI Is Leaving “Prototype,” Heading to “Ship”

    ArtCraft, the team behind the upcoming sandbox MMORPG Crowfall, released some updates this afternoon with a first look at the game’s new user interface. According to Design Lead Billy Garretsen, the new UI represents a shift on the development team from prototyping toward making the game ready to ship. Crowfall’s User Interface According to Garretsen, these […] More

  • Dual Universe
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    Overview Of Dual Universe’s February 2017 DevDiary

    Dual Universe is an upcoming MMORPG that features sandbox civilization building, with a player-driven in-game economy, trade, warfare, politics, and more. Players have the ability to explore an entire galaxy, create various structures as well as their own space ships, and even orbital stations. By working together with other players, you can even build your own empire. This […] More

  • the exiled

    The Exiled Now Available on Steam Early Access

    The Exiled, a sandbox MMO combining a focus on PvP with an open and persistent world, as well as MOBA elements, is now available via Steam Early Access. Developed by Fairytale Distillery, the game is available with a free seven day trial to anyone, with only a one time fee to continue playing. That one time fee […] More

  • League of Legends
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    League of Legends Practice Tool is Now Live

    For a long time, League of Legends players have been requesting a sandbox mode in order to dabble around the map in to learn a bit more. A month ago, League of Legends announced that they are preparing a new sandbox mode called the Practice Tool, in which players get to experiment with almost any […] More

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