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  • Skyforge
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    Skyforge Announces A Screenshot Contest

    Not long ago, Aelion’s moon, Thea, was discovered to have unknown species on its surface. Since then the interest in Thea rose and since then, it has been the hottest topic of Aelion.  At this point, the Immortals have been to the moon and visits are becoming pretty much a regular thing. Skyforge took this […] More

  • Revelation Online
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    Revelation Online Showcases The Immortal Annex

    Revelation Online is an action-filled MMORPG developed by Allods Team in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment and published by On their website, a post was published in which they reveal important facts to the tourists about one of the most renowned academies in all of Nuanor, the Immortal Annex. Even though the place is mostly visited […] More

  • skyforge
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    The Mortals of Skyforge Are Having Drug Issues

    The Skyforge’s scientists of Aelion have been putting some serious hours lately. First, the research on Thea that is still ongoing, and now they’ve discovered a new drug. Recently, the Xenobiological division went to the Emerald Stream. There, they messed around with a few findings and they ended up discovering a very special compound called C-611. They […] More

  • Revelation Online
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    Revelation Online Introduces New Instance: The Grand Bulwark

    Today, Revelation Online decided to clear some things up for the instance known as The Grand Bulwark. In this announcement, Revelation Online exposed the very detailed lore about Grand Bulwark and what kind of challenges the players can except upon embarking on this journey. In the Grand Bulwark, a long standing war between two rival factions is […] More

  • Armored Warfare
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    Armored Warfare’s Future Development Handled By

    If you’re an Armored Warfare player, then we have some important news to share with you. From now on, all future development and update plans will be carried out entirely by Developers Obsidian Entertainment and global publisher announced this important change to raise awareness for fans who may be unaware. In the past, both […] More

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    Skyforge Announce Traveling Contest

    Skyforge is a fantasy MMORPG in which players get to experience how it is living in a society full of powerful gods. The game is developed by Allods Team in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment and published by Skyforge just announced a contest that includes traveling throughout the beautiful planet of Aelion and taking pictures. […] More

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    Skyforge – The Outlaw Trailer

    Skyforge is a free to play futuristic MMORPG in which players can become powerful gods developed by Allods Team in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment. If you kept up with the game you would know that recently an announcement was made for the largest expansion yet titled Ascension. With the expansion comes a brand new class called […] More

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    Skyforge Introduces New Golem Battle Mode

    Skyforge is a free-to-play MMORPG set in a world where mortals and immortals fight for the survival of mythical beings with the help of technology. Recently, they announced that a new class is coming to the game called Outlaw. It didn’t take them long to add another feature to the game. Developer Allods Team in […] More

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    Skyforge Introduces The Newest Class: The Outlaw

    Skyforge, the MMORPG where fantasy and science fiction merge, is coming along quite nicely, and it’s even getting a new class with the upcoming Ascension update. The Outlaw. A pretty badass name for a class, and it suits it. As you can probably tell, the Outlaw is the classically dressed dual wielding type, and it’s a ranged […] More

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    Skyforge Announces Largest Expansion Yet

    Skyforge is an ordinary free to play MMORPG developed by Allods Team, working together with Obsidian Entertainment. In the game, the players choose what kind of god they want to play. I wrote an article earlier explaining the Divine Forms and Divine Specializations in detail. Today, Developer Allods Team and publisher have revealed that there […] More

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    Skyforge – Divine Specializations Trailer

    Skyforge is your generic MMORPG developed by The Allods Team, in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment. The game is oriented towards picking what type of god you want to be. Once characters have obtained Divine Form, the Divine Atlas is unlocked. Divine Atlas contains a lot of upgrades for your characters which include things like reducing cooldowns of […] More