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    Florensia’s Gets Second Halloween Sale

    You have to dress up for Halloween, doesn’t matter if you’re going to a party or playing an MMORPG, it’s just a part of the tradition. Florensia already had one Halloween sale, but in case that you missed it or if you didn’t have the money at that time, it’s getting another one, and it […] More

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    Chilling Challenges Coming To TERA

    Take a risk and get a reward, that’s what they say, and starting from tomorrow, certain dungeons in TERA will give various debuffs to the players, and will allow players to get some amazing loot from them. The Chilling Challenges event is a part of Halloween, as at this time of the month dark energies […] More

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    Dauntless Gets New Patch And Halloween Event

    Dauntless will be introducing a new Halloween event, with patch 0.2.7 also going live, bringing a heap of new features to the game. There are brand new customization options, an update on how the progress of new art and skins for weapons and armor is going, a new tutorial island, and of course, the Dark Harvest. […] More

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    Team Fortress 2 Got A New Update

    We haven’t heard much about Team Fortress 2 these last couple of years, which is strange considering how popular this shooter was a while back. Nevertheless, Valve is still updating the game regularly, and today we are taking a look at all the changes that came with the recent update. If the update still hasn’t […] More

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    Tree of Savior Gets A New Halloween Dungeon

    Are you bored of standard dungeons? Would you like to try out something new and innovative? Creepy Klaipeda is a brand new dungeon that is coming to Tree of Savior, and it features some new and exciting mechanics and lots of candy. This dungeon will be available from October 24th, 2017 to November 21st, 2017, and […] More

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    Celebrate Friday The 13th With Dungeons 3

    Don’t you just love it when an awesome game launches on Friday 13th? Also, since the overall theme of Friday is evil and malice, then a game where you play as a vile overlord really enhances the atmosphere. Today we will be taking a look a Dungeons 3 which will be launching today. It’s the […] More

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