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    Gloria Victis Gets Another PvP Event

    A medieval open world. Skill-based non-target combat. Gloria Victis is a MMORPG where your fighting skills and tactical prowess really shine, as they are essentially in any battle. PvP gets way more exciting when you have non-target combat, as then winning or losing depends solely on you and your skills. Of course, the developers know this, […] More

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    Wild Terra Online Early Access Supporters Get Unique Rewards

    Wild Terra Online (not to be confused with TERA, a totally different MMORPG) is a medieval life simulator set in a fully player-driven world. The game intends to help you realize all of your medieval fantasies, from being a huntsman, to participating in castle sieges, and becoming a king. It’s a rather special game that’s still in […] More

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    Kingsage Gets Brand New Server

    Sometimes, the best games are the ones that feed on our desires to be something we can’t be. This is one of the reasons that medieval games are so popular. Whether it be through titles like Dark Souls, or even games like Fire Emblem, it’s all about the desire to be something else, or special. […] More

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    Gloria Victis’ v. Update

    Gloria Victis’ v. update is introducing the new Glory system. Glory’s a system that will allow you to compete in the game’s complex rating system. In the future the Glory system will be greatly expanded upon, and entire guilds will get the Glory system and precious rewards will be given out to those who climb […] More

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    Versus: Battle of the Gladiator Update Arrives

    Versus: Battle of the Gladiator is a multiplayer PvP action game in which you play as a slave gladiator that’s fighting to prove his worth.  Today the game got an update where new skills for the Warhammer got added and two minor bugfixes came along too. Exactly four new skills were added for the Warhammer, […] More

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    Gloria Victis Reworks Character Creation and More

    The low-fantasy realistic MMORPG Gloria Victis, developed by Black Eye Games, has added a revamped character creation system, new areas and NPC adjustments. Gloria Victis Alpha Currently in Alpha, Gloria Victis is wholly focused on providing a realistic medieval MMORPG experience. Players engage in real-time, non-target combat, using a variety of skills. The game does […] More

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    Camelot Unchained Getting Updated Regularly

    Camelot Unchained’s developers are quite busy with fixing and updating their game, and this time around, a lot of stuff is being worked on.  The first pass of primary and secondary ability components is done and now modifier components are being supported, although feedback on this is highly appreciated by the developers, as well as […] More

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    Gloria Victis Gets Another Weekly Update

    Gloria Victis, the low-fantasy medieval MMORPG that puts a high emphasis on realism, just got another weekly update. This time, we’re getting a lot of new content like 20 and more new events near Audunstede, Leaktown, and Twinfall, which will definitely be useful when you’re trying to level up your character. You will also get more […] More