• NieR: Automata

    The Snowball Effect of ‘NieR: Automata’s PC Port

    Yesterday we reported that the PC version of the critically acclaimed NieR: Automata was finally cracked by pirate groups. As legitimate owners started to ask Square Enix to remove the infamous Denuvo anti-temper, a side story developed around the FAR mod, a fix for many of the game’s problems on...
  • NieR: Automata

    ‘NieR: Automata’ Has Been Officially Cracked

    The critically acclaimed NieR: Automata, the unexpected sequel that won everyone’s hearts, has been cracked by pirate groups. After long discussions about Denuvo (the anti-temper measure used by many developers and publishers) and how it affects consumers, pirates have managed to render it useless in NieR: Automata. Over the...
  • NieR: Automata

    Anti-Denuvo Outcry Takes Over ‘NieR: Automata’ Discussions

    Slated for release on March 17 on Steam, potential NieR: Automata buyers take over the game’s discussions page with anti-Denuvo threads. A title that fans have been asking for since 2010’s Nier, NieR: Automata garnered very positive reviews for its PlayStation 4 version, which came out on March 7 in...