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System Shock Remake Is A Go!

System Shock was one of the first 3D games that combined methodical exploration of the game world with  a story driven narrative through audio logs and messages, which were scattered everywhere for you to find. It was quite revolutionary, as it was the first time we saw interactive storytelling, and so it is considered as both a classic and as a stepping stone for games yet to come.


The story unfolded aboard Citadel Station as players against cyborgs and mutated crew members corrupted by a maniacal A.I. known as SHODAN. Now SHODAN was probably one of the most treacherous antagonists ever created in video game history. She is characterized by her megalomania and her chaotic, discordant speech. Her words are full of stuttering, fluctuating voice pitches, and shiftings of timbre. Her voice is made out of three voices speaking the same words with the constituent voices alternately lagging behind and leading ahead, as well as computer glitches resembling a sound card malfunction.System Shock all together offered an unparalleled experience that would solidify it as one of the greatest games of all time.

And now after all that to actually talk about the important things, the System Shock remake. It was founded on Jul 9, 2016, and rather quickly, as fans were probably confident in this remake actually being good. The Nightdive team has the support of  14,000+ backers and they put their trust in them, so let’s hope that they don’t fail!


Written by Dante

Dante is a student, a writer, a gamer and a constructor of cleverly crafted words. His number one goal is to be the best version of himself, and he believes that writing about the games and sending his word to the world will help him achieve just that. He loves playing games like LoL, Hearthstone, Path of Exile, and DotA 2 when he has the time.

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