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Syndrome trailer released at Gamescom

Space survival horror game Syndrome has released a new trailer, courtesy of Camel 101 at this year’s Gamescom. With the intention of bringing the survival horror genre back to its roots, players are left stranded on a spaceship having awoken from cryosleep. Waking up to find your crew either dead or transformed into monsters, you will have to use your wits with limited resources to survive. Your only chance of making it out alive is to discover the truth, assuming you live that long.

Every enemy encounter will be a case of fight or flight, as players will have to pick their battles throughout Syndrome given the lack of ammo on offer, and may have to run and take cover in certain instances. As you navigate through a claustrophobic setting of the SPS Valkenburg, the trailer reveals that a mysterious artefact may be the catalyst for the horrific events that are unfolding. The game is from a first-person perspective, in which players will use everything from ranged weaponry to melee attacks to defend themselves, and with powerful monstrosities at large, stealth and cunning will be vital to your survival.

Syndrome is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC next month, with Occulus Rift support available at launch.


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