If you wanted to play WoW in a Star Wars universe, you would probably want to try Star Wars: The Old Republic. Released way back on December 20, 2011, in North America and part of Europe, the game is well known for its amazing story above all. Well, during an EA Star Wars™ panel called “Meet the Makers” James Ohlen, who is the Director of Design for BioWare, revealed that a new expansion is coming this fall.


The expansion will bring more even more amazing story to the game as well as exciting new game features! Unfortunately, we don’t know much about this, so at this point, we can just guess that it’s going to be something good. They also said that this is going to be one of the largest updates the team has worked on since the game launched 5 years ago in 2011.


There are even more awesome news, as you can play Chapter 1 of the prequel story in Knights of the Fallen Empire, FOR FREE! Yeah the people at BioWare are making it free so the players can catch up on the story, and that’s really cool from their part

For the latest news on this expansion go to this site!


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