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Survival Action-RPG Inferno Climber Launches on Steam

In the distant past, there existed five Purgatory Stones that contained immense magical power, and they were given to five different kingdoms of the land to maintain the balance of power in the world. As expected, this power gave birth to evil and corruption that spread through the land as a plague. Monsters got their hands on the Stones and all hell broke lose. Now, an innocent soul that made a pact with Death is seeking to reclaim the Purgatory Stones and return peace to the world once again. infernoclimber1

Survival Action-RPG Inferno Climber does have a pretty cliche story, but there are other things that will keep you interested if the story fails to. The game’s world contains ruins, jungles and more varied environments that you will go through in search for the Purgatory Stones. Exploration is recommended, as there are many hidden treasures and secret paths for you to discover, but be careful, traps also lie in wait. There are over 400 unique items for you to find, and some items look the same, but they can have different stats, so always be on the lookout to get some better gear!


You have 8 playable characters to choose from, like the Royal Knight who ignores requirements of your equipment, or the Forest Hunter who can heal himself when he’s poisoned.


You can get the game on Steam right now!

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